Here at Creative Outcomes, we offer established expertise in social work assessments and quality interventions within inner-city and north west London. Our mission is to provide the very best in independent child and family social work and in mediation with families. 


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What makes us different

Our services are informed by experience gained over many years in the field. What we provide is guided by professional ethics and values aspiring to best practice and a commitment to excellent client care. In addition, we offer a fresh and innovative approach in the way we work with each other and with our clients to enable creative problem solving and conflict resolution. 


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What we offer

Social work

We work independently but in cooperation and collaboration with family lawyers and/or Local Authorities who commission us to assess and intervene in complex and high need cases. This includes undertaking specialist assessment and accredited expert witness work in both private and public proceedings in all levels of the Court. We also deliver consultancy, training and development in child protection practice. 


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Family mediation

Our extensive experience gained by working with children and families in social and legal services forms a sound foundation to offer specialist family mediation services. We are particularly skilled in facilitating resolutions of disputes involving children, including, but not limited to divorce and separation. We also offer bespoke mediation services in resolving other disputes that arise not only within traditional nuclear but also alternative family structures and other unique situations. 


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Who we are

Our family mediation associates come from a diverse network of professionals accross a range of disciplines. We offer mediation in our own right and in collaboration with each other.  

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Our social work associates offer expertise in various specialisms in practice, training and development. We offer work independently and are commissioned directly by clients to minimise costs. 

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